What is primeCROWD?

We connect start-ups with investors. primeCROWD is there to better support investors in financing young enterprises. A team of over 20 managers and innovators, who place their experience and expertise at your disposal.

Your benefit as investor.

primeCROWD enables you to invest in pre-selected young enterprises with high potential. We provide personal consulting, personal introduction to your start-ups and regular success reports by adding a layer of personality to the cold numbers and business scenarios.

Truly part of the crowd.

The personal contact to our start-ups and our team members is what sets primeCROWD apart from other platforms. Get to know your start-up in person and find out about the personalities behind it. Stay informed through your personal consultant and talk to our investment coordinators to meet other investors. As a part of the crowd you will find many ways to benefit from our network.

Markus Kainz
CEO | Founder primeCROWD
„Information in the foundation for good investments, trust is the prerequisite for lasting business relations, start-ups are the currency of a future-oriented world.“
Johannes Siller
Businessangel im European Investment Fonds
„The quality of start-ups is extremely important to me. What I appreciate about primeCROWD is their close relation with incubators, which makes it easy for me to invest in top performing start-ups.“

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Register with primeCROWD and learn more about your current investment opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing further information in person.


Impressions from the kick-off event

12. July 2016 by Pierre Rubant
Boarding pass as an event invitation , check-in counters and hostesses as stewardesses - in the style of an airport invited the Startup Airport , as is called prime crowd , the first great pitching event . Ubirds (Smartwatch - http://www.ubirds.eu),   FRUX (BigData & Sales - https://www.getfrux.com),   Sensefinity (IoT - https://www.sensefinity.com),   Dealscreening (Online-Tool  - http://www.dealscreening.com),   PiQuant (http://piquant.asia - Foodscanner),   Waytation (Visitor […] read more
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